Main Street Theatre Works is a professionally-oriented, rural theatre company performing at the

Kennedy Mine Amphitheatre in Jackson, California, Amador County. Enjoy a picnic, followed by

classical, comedy, and contemporary plays under the stars in a beautiful amphitheatre.

Our 2022 Summer Season is about to begin!

Boy, could we all use a good laugh right now or what?!
That's why Main Street Theatre Works is planning a summer season of 
comedy, satire, and Elvis!

Kicking off our season is the very fun “Who’s on First” comedy, The Outsider, 
about the wacky side of politics, which is pretty much every side, especially if you’re an “outsider.”
Ned Newley is an extremely competent behind-the-scenes Lieutenant Governor,
who is suddenly thrust into the national spotlight when the Governor and his staff are ousted
for “bad behavior.” Now Ned and his Chief of Staff, Dave, who has no staff at all,
have to figure out how to keep Ned from having a panic attack every time he’s in public.
So Dave has swung into action and recruited a skilled pollster and a savvy “fix it man.”
He’s also hired a temporary secretary, Louise Peakes, who is cheerful and confident,
but can’t get names straight or know how to operate a tele
phone system,
which is why she’s more temp than most temps.
And when Louise photo-bombs Ned’s television interview, introducing herself as
Assistant Governor, the race is on, and politics was never so funny. 

Runs Friday & Saturday, June 24th - July 23rd
Gates open at 6:30, show starts at 8pm

Outsider FB poster.jpg
Meet our cast:
Earl Victorine HS.jpg
Earl Victorine
Bethany Hidden HS.JPG
Bethany Hidden
Kevin Menager HS-2.jpg
Kevin Menager
Donna Lisa-W164.JPG
Donna-Lisa Otto
Frank Swaringen HS.jpeg
Frank Swaringen
Janey Pintar HS.jpg
Janey Pintar
Scott Taylor HS copy.jpg
Scott Taylor
Coming Next:
4 Weddings FB poster.jpg

Welcome to Vegas, baby, for Four Weddings & an Elvis!
Sandy, the four-times-married-three-times-divorced owner of a wedding chapel in Las Vegas,
has seen it all ~ Bev and Stan, getting married as revenge on their exes,
Vanessa and Bryce, two aging stars tying the knot as a publicity stunt,
and Marvin and Fiona, a gentle postal-worker and a tough ex-con who couldn’t be more in love!  
But love may have to wait as Sandy deals with the absence of her minister husband
who can’t seem to pry himself away from the bottle long enough to perform a ceremony. Circumstances lead to knots being tied by an escaped con, a good friend and neighbor,
and of course, Elvis. In this hilarious and heart-warming romantic comedy,
we witness four of Sandy’s most memorable weddings,
including a couple finally achieving their happily ever after.

Runs August 12th - September 10th
Gates open at 6:30, show starts at 8pm
Meet our cast:
Lee Marie HS.jpg
Lee Marie Kelly
Ernesto Bustos copy.jpg
Ernesto Bustos
Frank Swaringen HS.jpeg
Frank Swaringen
Anthony Scoggins HS copy.JPG
Anthony Scoggins
Katie Hulse HS.JPG
Katie Hulse - Bustos
Lorrain Poston HS.jpg
Lorraine Poston
Kecia Buehler HS.JPEG
Kecia Buehler
Jim Last HS.jpg
Jim Last
Ken Thompson HS.jpg
Ken Thompson
Brick Wall



Do you have a couple spare hours in your week?
Can you swing a hammer or handle a paintbrush?
Do you want to experience the REAL behind the scenes of theatre?

Become a volunteer on our 
No experience required.

MSTW builds two sets each summer,
which typically takes 2 - 3 days to build & paint,
and one day to "strike the set." 
Give us whatever time you have an we'll put it to good use.
The pay? Huge amounts of gratitude, a hearty lunch,
and two comps to our Summer Season. 

Click the button below and our
Volunteer Coordinator, Joanne Shugart, will connect you with the right folks. It's that simple.

Putting on live theatre takes a community. We hope you'll join ours.

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