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Main Street Theatre Works is a professionally-oriented, rural theatre company performing at the

Kennedy Mine Amphitheatre in Jackson, California, Amador County. Enjoy a picnic, followed by

classical, comedy, and contemporary plays under the stars in a beautiful amphitheatre.

Our 2023 Summer Season is full of Discovery,
and fun for the whole family.

Don Quixote art.jpeg
June 16th - July 15th
August 4th - September 2nd
This hilarious retelling of The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha begins in a Starbucks, where playwright Ben Eisenberg is feverishly working on his stage adaptation of Don Quixote, with rehearsals starting tomorrow. But there’s one big problem ~ he hasn’t written a single word. With help/pressure from his agent and possibly a near-lethal dose of caffeine and Xanax, Starbucks begins to transform, with patrons from the coffee shop becoming characters in the rapidly developing story. With 6 actors, multiple characters, windmills, horses, and demons, this fast-paced comedy is sure to keep the audience on the edge of their camp chairs.
Newly retired friends, Marty and Fred, are handling retirement in very different ways ~ Marty wants to explore the open road on a new Harley, and Fred is focused on his health by inventing a variety of new ailments. With a little "redirection" from their wives, the guys come up with a creative solution that helps them flex their muscles, work with sharp-pointy objects, and bring excitement back into their lives. Laugh your way through their journey of discovering just how fun, and funny, retirement can be. 
Tickets on sale for our 2023 Summer Season at the Kennedy Mine Amphitheatre starting February 1st!
Brick Wall



Do you have a couple spare hours in your week?
Can you swing a hammer or handle a paintbrush?
Do you want to experience the REAL behind the scenes of theatre?

Become a volunteer on our 
No experience required.

MSTW builds two sets each summer,
which typically takes 2 - 3 days to build & paint,
and one day to "strike the set." 
Give us whatever time you have an we'll put it to good use.
The pay? Huge amounts of gratitude, a hearty lunch,
and two comps to our Summer Season. 

Click the button below and our
Volunteer Coordinator, Joanne Shugart, will connect you with the right folks. It's that simple.

Putting on live theatre takes a community. We hope you'll join ours.

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