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Our 2024 Summer Season at
the Kennedy Mine Amphitheatre
Underpants 5x7.jpg
Steve Martin's has written a wild adaptation of a classic German play (Der Hose) about Louise and Theo Maske, a couple whose conservative world is shattered when Louise's bloomers fall down in public, while waving to the king. Though she pulls them up quickly, Theo is convinced the incident will cost him his job as a government clerk. 
Amid this chaos he's trying to rent a room in their flat. The prospective lodgers have some underlying surprises of their own. In The Underpants, Steve Martin brings his comic genius and sophisticated literary style to Carl Sternheim's classic 1910 farce. 

Runs June 21st - July 20th.
Gates open at 6:3
0, show starts at 8pm

Ever wonder what homelife would be like for Betty and Wilma if Fred and Barney retired? Well, that’s the flavor of our second summer show, A Red Plaid Shirt. 


Newly retired friends, Marty and Fred (Allen Pontes and Scott Adams), are handling retirement in very different ways ~ Marty wants to explore the open road, and Fred is focused on his health by inventing a variety of new ailments. With a little "redirection" from their wives (Julie Anchor and Erin Renfree), the guys come up with a creative solution that helps them flex their muscles, work with sharp-pointy objects, and bring excitement back into their lives.


Laugh your way through their journey of discovering

just how fun, and funny, retirement can be.


Runs August 2nd - August 31st.

Gates open at 6:30, show starts at 8pm 

Fall Radio Show Fundraiser
The Count of Monte Cristo was originally performed by the Mercury Theatre Players, directed and narrated by little known actor and future filmmaker, Orson Welles. The episode was an adaptation of the novel by Alexander Dumas, condensed into a 60-minute broadcast. MSTW’s Mercury Radio Players, under the direction of Allen Pontes, who has produced, directed and starred as Orson in all of the past productions will perform this fall, and will  adhere to the same
time constraints, same script and live sound effects, just the way Orson would want it.

This is a limited engagement production.

Nov. 15th & 16th at 8pm; Nov. 17th at 2pm.

This will NOT be performed at the

Kennedy Mine Amphitheatre.

Tickets on sale in September.

Location and details to follow.

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