In 1938, War of the Worlds was a Halloween episode of the American radio drama anthology series, performed by the Mercury Theater Players, directed and narrated by little known actor and future filmmaker, Orson Welles. The episode was an adaptation of the novel, War of the Worlds, written by H.G. Wells. The 60-minute broadcast, which was uninterrupted by commercial breaks, presented what were assumed to be real news bulletins, suggesting that we were in the midst of an alien invasion by Martians.


MSTW is presenting the 10th Anniversary of producing Live Radio Shows, with the recreation of "Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre On The Air” broadcast, which will feature many of your favorite MSTW actors, including Allen Pontes as Orson Welles, as well as Scott Adams, Andrew Adams, Vincent Keene, Ben Miller, and Julie Anchor as Foley artist Ora Nichols.

It’s a fun flashback to the days when people “watched” their radios, and sound effects didn’t come from a computer. Come watch how the magic is really made.

And we ask that you support MSTW with a donation of any size, and then tune in on October 24th for the live broadcast of War of the Worlds.

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