2020 Summer Season

at the Kennedy Mine Amphitheatre in Jackson

CANCELLED, but. . .

August 8th Fundraising Event

To tease next summer’s show, A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody, we’re putting together a fun virtual event. Our cast will be doing a staged reading of just the first act of A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody, as we don’t want to spoil the ending for next year. The event will be shown on YouTube, Saturday, August 8th at 7:00pm, and it will also be broadcast on KVGC Radio 1340AM, or 96.5 FM, in Amador county. Watch our Facebook page, and your email, for more info as we get closer to the event.

It's New Year’s Eve at the Perry mansion, and Matthew Perry and his wife, Julia, are sharing their New Year’s Resolutions. His is to kill her before the year is up, and hers is to stay alive through the year. But as Julia dodges Matthew’s murder attempts, several friends and staff mysteriously die on the family estate. As the bodies fall, it seems that Matthew is responsible for murdering everyone except his wife. But if he didn’t do it, “who done it?”

A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody is a comedic take on a classic-styled mystery.

Directed by Shawn B. O'Neal and starring: Lew Rooker, Allen Pontes, Lee Marie Kelly,

Bert Andersson, Skyler King, & Grace Leekley.

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